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by Rosemary Wilson

"Jeffrey, what is wrong with you? Your face is all puckered up in a frown. Are you having trouble with your homework?" asked Mom.

"No. I wasn't evening studying. I was thinking about what I could give Ms. Miller for her birthday. You see her birthday is on Valentine's Day," said Jeffrey.

"Make her a special Valentine," said Mom. "You are so creative. You could make her a birthday Valentine that would better than any you could buy at the store."

Mom began to draw a heart on Jeffrey's note page. "Mom, I know how to draw a Valentine."

Well, today was Tuesday and Jeffrey needed to make the birthday Valentine in Art class Friday at school. That way the card would be ready just in time.

"What kinds of stuff around the house could be used to decorate the card? What color of paper would be best?" thought Jeffrey.

Over the next two days, Jeffrey got a plastic grocery bag from his mom to put his art supplies in:

Uncooked macaroni
Small buttons
Small heart-shaped mint candies stored safely in a red clasp envelope
One large chocolate candy Kiss wrapped in foil
Magic markers in several colors
Heart shaped stickers
Small lace paper doilies
Pipe cleaners
Small pieces of colored paper cut into card-size shape
And a few other odds and ends

Finally, it was Friday morning. Jeffrey grabbed his backpack and plastic shopping bag of art supplies. It was a snowy day. Jeffrey had to wear boots, hat, scarf and gloves.

Jeffrey got on the school bus. All he could think about during the ride was making the most beautiful birthday Valentine card ever for Ms. Miller.

Jeffrey was the last one to get off the bus that day. What with his backpack and his shopping bag weighing him down plus all his winter clothes, he came down the bus steps like an overstuffed teddy bear. He was awkward to say the least.

After stepping off the bus into the snow, Jeffrey made a sharp right turn and was accidently bumped by another kid walking towards the school entrance. The bump caused Jeffrey to loose his balance and fall backwards into the side of the bus. Jeffrey didn't notice that the plastic bag he was carrying briefly wedged in the hinge of the open folding bus door. The bottom corner of his art supply shopping bag was snagged by the door hinge and ripped as Jeffrey righted his balance and walked on.

Jeffrey hadn't noticed the new jagged hole left in the bottom of the plastic bag. He quickly walked through the snow and cold wind towards the school's entrance. As he lumbered along, his art supplies started to drop out of the torn plastic bag and quietly disappear into the deep snow.

Jeffrey rushed through the main door into school and down the hall to his locker. After placing his winter coat, gloves, and scarf in the locker, he shouldered his backpack and picked up the shopping bag. That's when Jeffrey noticed the hole in the plastic grocery bag.

"Oh my gosh! Look at thisa[euro]"my bag has a hole in the bottom. All my Valentine art supplies are gone! There's only Valentine candy left in the bag. How can I make Ms. Miller's Valentine birthday card with what's left?"

Jeffrey walked slowly towards the Art Room. When he got to his desk, he sadly placed his torn plastic bag next to his chair. The Art Teacher began by asking the class to put all the art supplies they brought from home on their desks. Jeffrey slowly removed the two remaining objects from the torn plastic bag:

Red clasp envelope containing small heart-shaped mint candies
Large chocolate candy Kiss wrapped in foil
Jeffrey sat at his desk with his head in his hands. He was so sure that he would have been able to make the most beautiful Valentine birthday card for Ms Miller if only his bag had not gotten a hole in it.

The Art teacher stopped at Jeffrey's desk. "Why do you look so sad, Jeffrey?"

Jeffrey looked up and explained how he had been going to make the most beautiful and creative Valentine birthday card for Ms. Miller and how he had lost all but the two objects on the desk. "I don't have the any art supplies to make that card now," Jeffrey said.

"Well, you may just have enough here to make a very fine Valentine birthday card for Ms. Miller. Let me help you Jeffrey," said the Art teacher.

The Art teacher asked Jeffrey to removed the candies from the large red clasp envelope and place them on the desk next to the chocolate Kiss.

She turned the red envelope on a diagonal. Taking a scissors, the Art teacher proceeded to cut two rounded shapes like the top of a Valentine heart half way up the length of the envelope. The pointed corner of the envelope formed a perfect v-shaped bottom to the heart. Pulling the sides of the envelope apart, the Art teacher showed Jeffrey the heart-shaped cup that had been made.

Jeffrey borrowed a black magic marker. He flattened out the red cup and then wrote Ms. Miller's name, "Happy Birthday on Valentine's Day", and his name across both sides of the red Valentine.

Spreading the sides of the Valentine cup apart, Jeffrey placed the large chocolate candy Kiss in the center and filled up all the space around it with the small heart-shaped mints.

Jeffrey was overjoyed. He did have the most special and creative Valentine birthday card anyone had ever seen. He was absolutely sure Ms. Miller would love it. His Valentine birthday card was a unique candy box and card combined!

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