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About Rosemary's Musical Programs

I am a St. Louis storyteller and musician.

I do programs of traditional songs with telling the back story, meaning, and/or context of the writing of the song before singing it or using it in a sing-along with the audience. I accompany the singing of the song using an acoustic guitar. This is a unique and popular program choice.

Know that music reaches audience members on a unique and powerful level. It goes beyond words. Some songs tell stories and these are the ones I choose to use.

More information about storytelling for adults and children can be found on other pages of this website. Booking and fee details as well as the benefits of choosing me for your next program are fully explained on these pages.

What are your event planning needs now?

I am looking forward to hearing that story from you. All communications will receive a prompt reply. Contact me by e-mail or by phone at (314) 997-3474.

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