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About Rosemary's Storytelling for Children

I am a storyteller for children. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. I do storytelling to children ages preschool through high school. I make sure the children understand whether the stories are fiction or true. I do not tell gory, gruesome, or scary, scary tales. I have a repertoire of children's stories that have proven over and over to be whimsical, humorous, and fantastically entertaining.

I am a story teller for preschools, elementary and high schools, youth camps, family celebrations, Scout events, libraries, and in most other settings where children are the audience. The children in my audience are involved in the storytelling by their participation in chants, songs, role plays, and other interactive exercises.


I am available for advance bookings. My artistic fee schedule will be discussed in detail with you at the time of your booking inquiry. I will consider last-minute bookings if my performance schedule allows.

Booking three (3) programs in twelve (12) months time results in you receiving a fee discount. References about my storytelling for children are available upon request


Once you have booked me for your child's/children's event, you can relax and know that you have made a great decision! Your storytelling program will...

  • fit your event planning needs/goals
  • include pre-program confirmation
  • start and end on time on the date agreed upon
  • rivet the attention of the audience
  • exceed your entertainment expectations
  • include post-program customer satisfaction follow-up


Comments from some previous audience members about Rosemary's storytelling include...

  • "Rosemary captured the children's attention from start to finish of the program." Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • "The children had many opportunities to participate during the story telling." Public Librarian
  • "The children didn't want the storytelling to end." Preschool Teacher
  • "The Scouts were entertained at the same time they met a badge requirement by listening and participating in the storytelling program." Scout Leader


My unique qualifications includes:

I have been a professional storyteller since 1999. My repertoire of stories is large and includes tales appropriate for children of various ages.

My professional credentials include

  • Graduate coursework in storytelling at University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Membership and leadership in National Storytelling Network and St. Louis Gateway Storytellers
  • Past editor of St.Louis Gateway Storytellers newsletter

My personal storytelling beliefs...

  • I know that hearing a real, live storyteller tell a story well is a unique experience for many children in this day and age.
  • I know that children love to hear stories.
  • I know that I tell stories to children that are positive as well as entertaining.


What are your event planning needs now? I am looking forward to hearing that story from you. All communications will receive a prompt reply. Contact me by e-mail or by phone at (314) 997-3474.

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